Blackpool Webcams

These Blackpool webcams are very popular and get a lot of traffic.  If there are a few viewers logged on at the same time it can make them sluggish.  There’s not a lot I can do about that.  If one of the cams appears offline I’d appreciate a heads up about it via email: (not by phone at 3am in the morning purlease!) .  If you are having problems connecting try clearing your browsers cache first and then come back here by following a link from the front page.  During maintenance I may change the IP address which will mean your cache can’t find it.  Following the link from the front page will help you get the right pages.   It’s complicated – but that’s how it is.  We hope they work for you  and that you enjoy our fabulous views.

The Beach Cam – back in action

Beach Cam Blackpool webcamsI’m always saying we have the best view in Blackpool being slightly elevated – I think you’ll agree!

Looking towards the North across our car park, the Promenade, tram tracks and….the Irish Sea.

If it’s a nice calm day and the tide is in see if you can spot a dolphin!  They do visit us occasionally.

You’ll need to log into this one as well:-
Username: noseyparker
Password: canasta

Here is the link for the Beach Cam

Please make sure you follow the instructions for the browser you are using

Reception Cam

Another Foscam camera donated by Andy King – this works in all browsers.  Thanks VERY MUCH Andy!!

Username: noseyparker

Password: canasta1   (yes this one has a number 1 at the end)

Here is the link for the Reception Cam

Donations – Spare us the price of a cup of coffee, guvnor?

This page gets a LOT of traffic and is used by a lot of people not coming to Blackpool but want to see the beach, trams and passersby.

We’d like to invite those of you who are not actually coming to Blackpool to make a donation towards these Blackpool webcams.  It will help us get better equipment and faster broadband.

If you’ve enjoyed these webcams a pound or two would be fabulous!!  Hey but its no biggie if you’re skint – we know THAT feeling!


UPDATE – thanks for all your lovely donations (especially Andy King who donated two of the cameras).  I just upgraded to a BT Smart router which appears to be significantly faster .  Hopefully things will be a bit quicker to load.  Thanks very much to those who have donated.  We’re always checking out new equipment and looking for ways to enhance your spying activities 🙂  The odd quid or two here and there is VERY much appreciated

Did you realise our cameras can actually move?

You can operate these cameras yourself….pan and tilt enabled.

Have a look round why dontcha!

The Tram Cam

Tram Cam Blackpool webcams

On this cam you can see North Pier to the south (left) and the Irish Sea directly in front.

For this one you’ll need a username and password:-
username: noseyparker
password: canasta

Log into the Tram Cam here

Ya Barred Cam

The Bar Cam

Whoop whoop….
Donated by Andy King – huge thanks Andy!!
Back in action

Here is the link for Ya Barred Cam

Username: noseyparker
Password: canasta

Sun Lounge Webcam

Sun Lounge Webcam

Another Sun Lounge cam that doubles as a Karaoke Cam on Friday nights.

I’ve positioned this right next to the TV where the lyrics appear so the singers will be singing directly at you

I still havnt got my bubble machine working yet – I am working on it

You’ll need to log into this one as well:-

Username: noseyparker
Password: canasta

Here is the link for this cam

Please follow the login instructions depending on what browser you are using

Coming in the not too distant future…The Can-Can Cam

We’re partnering with our friends at the Moulin Rouge to showcase their dancing girls

..and for the end of the year…The New Year Can’t Come Cam

Disappointed that we sold out so quickly? Sorry about that but rest assured I’ll be strapping a Go-Pro to my bonce so you can see the New Year in….just as I do. You must sign a disclaimer that you won’t be counting how many wines I’ve had

a lot of folk come to this page because they searched for Blackpool Tower webcam

…it doesn’t work any more

I’m going Blackpool Webcams Crazy at the moment.

Have you a suggestion for another cam you’d like to see? Drop me an email with any suggestions:

No….I won’t be installing these in guest bedrooms – we’re not that kind of hotel! 🙂

Troubleshooting and Disclaimer

1) Some of the Blackpool webcams need you to select the correct streaming option for your device – follow the prompts (small writing)

2) Audio is disabled

3) Ive had problems when viewing two cameras at once – so if you want smooth viewing it’s probably best to view one at a time and not open multiple browsers

4) By entering the Canasta Hotel you agree to have your image broadcast on our live webcams. If you’re with someone you shouldn’t be with and get found out – we will not be held accountable

5) No we will not be paying Equity approved rates – in fact we won’t be paying you any rates. You’re doing it for the “exposure”. If you get signed up by Universal Studios we expect a cut.

6) Let us know if the cams are down – sometimes they need rebooting