Whats happening inside the Canasta Hotel

Having the best year for at least 8 years.

The weather….Brexit….state of the Euro v GBP…and to top it off Ryanair start cancelling flights willy nilly.   Brilliant!  It’s all coming together.

Might be able to get a few jobs done this winter.


Bonzo is 1 year old today so we took him to Stanley Park for a treat

We’re really thrilled that dolphins come to visit us now and again – so much so that we added one to our logo 🙂

Hope you like it!

We do get asked some strange things sometimes.  I’ll add them here when I remember them or as they occur.

This email I received tonight might make regular viewers chuckle.  Guaranteed, of course, to get another “unhelpful” comment on TA (shrugs).

I think the sender wanted a short concise answer – it probably wasn’t very helpful to her, though.





Celebrating your birthday whilst in Blackpool?   We can make any badge for your loved ones and place it in your room as an extra surprise Large ones (77mm) are only £2.40 We’d need to know a theme….unicorns, superhero etc and a message you want on it so you’ll need to email us separately. Not too […]

blackpool tower stamped on a pennyYou may have seen on the news that the Queen recently gave a new proclamation ordering the Blackpool Tower to be featured on a new silver £5 coin.

We’d like to point out that it’s not the first time the Tower has featured on UK currency.

Anyone got one of these?

Image courtesy of www.chards.co.uk

We have Carl and his extended family and friends coming to stay on Friday 4th May for the weekend.

It’s always a laugh with this bunch and karaoke will be on both nights Friday and Saturday.

You are, dear reader, cordially invited to come and join the fun.


We’ve decided not to get any artistes in this year – most of the folk last year suggested I shouldn’t bother as we all make our own fun anyway

So…we need a couple of games….

One of the games will be our version of…Mr and Mrs.   How well do you know each other?

It’ll be fun – especially once you have a jar or three down your neck!!

I just finished engraving the prizes – turned out well!!




We lost Bomber and Bojangles this year – both lovely dogs but very sadly their time had come.

A huge black hole filled our lives in the last 3 weeks and Mandy wanted another pooch.

So…welcome to your new home Bonzo

As most of our regulars know we rarely let the dogs in the front of the hotel and most guests never knew we kept dogs.

I’m guessing we’ll be getting him a playmate in another few months

Beautiful dog and bags of pedigree




He comes from an impressive line.

All entries in red are SHOW WINNERS!!


He sleeps where he wants, when he wants and….how he wants

Its tiring work being a puppy


We had a bit of excitement on Tuesday morning

Mandy was up early, as usual, to prepare breakfasts and she startled a burglar at 6:45.  He’d got in our back door which was temporarily not as secure as it should have been.  He got away with my camera (and expensive lens) and my mobile phone.  By the time Mandy came back to wake me up he was long gone.

But…Mandy suggested we try and track the phone on Google’s “Find My Phone”.   Brilliant idea…if you have an android device and have connected your phone to your Google account then it will track it.  So we pinpointed it to a house about a mile away and notified the police.

The “pin” started moving though so we rang the police to tell them – who were doing house to house searches in that area but they seemed confused about what I was telling them so we decided to go there ourselves.

We screeched up outside the house and Mandy shouts, “I’m going in!!”    I was lost for words and wanted to scream “Noooo” but it wouldn’t come out.  She was out the car in an instant and running down the road.   Oh Jeeze….she’s going in the wrong house, I thought, but by the time I’d got out of the car she was 20 yards down the road and had this smackhead pinned against a wall.   She’d recognised him.   I ran to assist in detaining him but I really wasn’t needed – he wasn’t going anywhere with Mandy’s vice like grip.

Police were 50 yards away and they took over when they saw the commotion.

He still had my gear on him!!   Result!!

Potential guests – it’s the first burglary we’ve had in 15 years and…we have a new lock and security lights being fitted

It made the local rag:  http://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/crime/plucky-blackpool-hotelier-uses-google-to-catch-burglar-1-8812390

Update:  it made the Daily Fail as well 🙂


(LOL…typical comments from the Daily Fails readers questioning where I was and if I was a man or a mouse….thanks “Pippa” from Surbiton )