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288 - 290 North Promenade
T: 01253 290501
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Sometimes they need re-booting

Please let me know: I will fix them when I know they are down

The Beach Cam

Watch our glorious sun sets from the sun lounge in BlackpoolI'm always saying we have the best view in Blackpool being slightly elevated - I think you'll agree!

Looking towards the south across our car park, the Promenade, tram tracks and....the Irish Sea

You'll need to log into this one as well:-
Username: noseyparker
Password: canasta

Here is the link for the Beach Cam

The Sun Lounge Cam

Watch our glorious sun sets from the sun lounge in BlackpoolAnother Sun Lounge cam that doubles as a Karaoke Kam on Friday nights.

I've positioned this right next to the TV where the lyrics appear so the singers will be singing directly at you :) :)

I still havnt got my bubble machine working yet - I am working on it

You'll need to log into this one as well:-
Username: noseyparker
Password: canasta

Here is the link for the Sun Lounge Cam

The Tram Cam

Whoop whoop - I got this working again today - look at the fabulous view we have!! On this cam you can see North Pier to the south (left) and the Irish Sea directly in front.

For this one you'll need a username and password:-
username: noseyparker
password: canasta

Log in to the Tram Cam here

Tune in at 9pm on Friday 2nd September to see the Illuminations being switched on and later in September to view the Firework Championships - where we have a perfect view!! I'll probably disable pan and tilt for the fireworks or we'll get some muppet turning the camera away.

The Ya Barred Cam

Click here for the Bar Cam

Canasta Bar Cam You can pan and tilt this one to your hearts content. Have a good look round and if you see some dirty glasses - do us a favour and clear them away.

If anyone is swearing - please let me know

It's been a while since I had these installed - my bandwidth is now unlimited - so it shouldn't impede my normal use much. If you have problems viewing you may need to install ActiveX.

More cams will be added in the coming days

The Kanasta Karaoke Kam

Blackpool Karaoke webcam Sing to the world on our Karaoke Cam - I'm working on installing a bubble machine so if you like our guests singing you can shower them, remotely, in bubbles (or a fart machine if you think they're not much kop!)

You can connect to the Karaoke Cam here

Please note....this camera also doubles as the Sun Lounge Cam. It only goes into Karaoke Mode on a Friday night after it's had a few beers.

Coming in the not too distant future...The Can-Can Cam

We're partnering with our friends at the Moulin Rouge to showcase their dancing girls

..and for the end of the year...The New Year Can't Come Cam

Disappointed that we sold out so quickly? Sorry about that but rest assured I'll be strapping a Go-Pro to my bonce so you can see the New Year in....just as I do. You must sign a disclaimer that you won't be counting how many wines I've had

I'm going Cam Crazy at the moment.

Have you a suggestion for another cam you'd like to see? Drop me an email with any suggestions:

No....I won't be installing these in guest bedrooms - we're not that kind of hotel! :)

Troubleshooting and Disclaimer

1) If you don't see any streaming live video you may need to install this codec supplied by Panasonic

2) Audio is hit and doesnt work on cell phones that much is certain

2a) Ive had problems when viewing two cameras at once - so if you want smooth viewing it's probably best to view one at a time and not open multiple browsers

3) By entering the Canasta Hotel you agree to have your image broadcast on our live webcams. If you're with someone you shouldn't be with and get found out - we will not be held accountable

4) No we will not be paying Equity approved rates - in fact we won't be paying you any rates. You're doing it for the "exposure". If you get signed up by Universal Studios we expect a cut.

Myself and four sisters stayed at your lovely hotel, it was a pleasure we had lovely sea view rooms everything provided for us included free tea and coffee when we wanted it. The staff couldn't have been more friendly and helpfull. I would recommend this hotel which is clean and friendly and a treat to stay in. I will only stay at the Canasta Hotel when I return to Blackpool. [View more comments]

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