Congratulations if you’ve won one of our competitions!

Following an early problem we had with a winner it seems prudent to invoke some EXTRA terms and conditions (above and beyond our normal ones) which you need to agree to before you accept the prize and we offer it.

All competitions are strictly aimed at singles, couples and families ONLY.  Our definition of a couple is a partnership living together (we are gay friendly).  Our definition of a family is a couple with a young child or children.  Mothers / daughters and fathers / sons are good too.

We do not wish to offer free accommodation to groups of males or females for a free binge in Blackpool.  If you abuse our hospitality and try and sneak extra people into our hotel without informing us we will ask you to leave immediately – any time of day or night.

The prize must be claimed by the winner.   It is not transferable.  On your arrival we will require to see proof of address – AND photo ID.  A utility bill with your name and address and a driving licence, passport or student ID card would be ideal.

The competition prizes will be clearly stated as to dates – some prizes may be flexible on dates but most will be for a fixed date of arrival.  We will make it clear who we are aiming the competition at (singles, couples and/or families).

The prize will be clearly stated on FaceBook but will generally include free accommodation for the stated period. Breakfast will also be included for free.  You’ll receive free tea and coffee on demand up to 9pm.  The bar will NOT be free.

We may ask to take a picture of the “Happy Winner” for our marketing – its not compulsory and if you’d prefer not to let us use your image that won’t be a problem.

You should also be aware of our general terms and conditions here.

If one of the conditions of the prize is you perform a task whilst here (singing on karaoke, washing pots, sweeping car park, washing Doug’s car etc) then this will not constitute an offer of employment.  You will not be getting paid.  You won’t be getting holiday pay and should you fall pregnant during your stay with us we won’t be paying maternity leave.

We hope you have a great stay with us.  The competitions are a great advert for us and we want to continue them.  We’ll treat you exactly the same as if you had paid us – we hope you extend that courtesy back to us and not abuse our hospitality.