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A lot of our guests ask us what we do in the Winter. Blackpool is very seasonal and we enjoy a lot of downtime in December through to Easter - but we keep busy by getting all Artie Fartie. Doug is Artie and Mandy is Fartie :). If you like any of these then please email us for further details or see our website at

Getting our little shop ready for Easter

It's Pigeon Weekend this weekend - we like to be prepared!!

This thing is going through a LOT of batteries!!

Finished this clock today - quite chuffed with it. Personalised clocks - any design from £ 25

Personalised Key Rings from £4 - any text/design made in acrylic, beech plywood or MDF
We ran out of business cards and so we decided to make some key rings instead. These will last longer and get more noticed than a business card (we hope). Only another 482 to add rings to then....thats my Monday night taken care of!

we make personalised key rings
Wooden Box with Living Hinge
wooden laser cut box
ANY DESIGN or TEXT can added to the front of this beautiful box
Your box is made from saplings of the Beech tree formed into plywood and presented to us in 3mm sheets. This trinket / book / keepsake box has a sliding latch mechanism.
To finish the product we acquired the ear wax from a 1000 bees and gently rubbed it into the soft wood which has put a lovely sheen on it. (Please note if we run out of bees we will use beeswax...which we think is the same thing)
Cashmere wool has been added to strengthen the hinge so your box will last for many years (please note if we run out of cashmere we will use black felt)
The box features a "living hinge" - fine laser cuts into the wood to enable it to bend
It takes 3 days to make - we like to take our time.
As far as we are aware no trees were replaced etc etc
Length - 7 and three quarter inches (195mm)
Width- 6 and three quarter inches (172mm)
Depth - 1 and a half inches (40mm)
Priced at £25 + £1.40 p&p

wooden laser cut box

wooden laser cut box

Fanastic time hotel made up for the terrible weather. Can't wait to arrange for a second helping if your ears can stand my singing. [View more comments]

Cheap tickets for Blackpool Tower, Sea Life Centre and Wax works

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