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288 - 290 North Promenade
T: 01253 290501
don't forget Blackpool Zoo

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Good question!
Well this page has been here since 2002 - the reasons are still the same (...and I may start adding a few more)
    Choose the Canasta
  • Volcanic may get stranded abroad if you leave the UK!!
  • Global Warming - bring it on. All we need for Blackpool is bit of sun and we've cracked it.
  • Did you not hear...we won HOTEL of the YEAR 2003/4 and came 2nd in 2004/5!!! These days we don't bother with award ceremonies - we prefer to invest our time looking after our guests. (It's unlikely that the Tourism Department would let us have it for a third time!) But our standards remain the same.
  • We're now twice the size with twice the room!!!
  • We've got our feet on the ground - you'll genuinely be treated by somebody who actually APPRECIATES that you chose us!!! How many of the larger hotels have you stayed in where you're just another face!!!
  • We got 4 Diamond Guest Accommodation status!!! Actually...VisitBritain changed that category so we pulled out of their scheme - our high standards remain the same.
  • Have you heard about our breakfasts????
  • We're close enough to actually walk to town - not hike!!!!
  • We're ...On The Prom (dot com)
  • Did we say how much we appreciate you giving us your business???
  • We need the money!!! We just spent £290,000 buying and converting next door...we're skint!!!! Blimey - we NEED your business!!!
  • Because everybody recommends us - Have you read our guestbook???
  • You now get FREE tea and coffee on demand - any time of day!!!
  • We havn't put our prices up in 6 years!!
  • Wait until you see the new pictures of the dining room and sunlounge!!! (coming soon)
  • We got 2 x 4-posters, we got 10 x sea views but if you didn't book early enough our internal rooms are a cut above the rest
  • You get a late key
  • You get a lie in - if you want - breakfast is served up to 10am
  • The trams stop virtually outside the door
  • Because this is where we'd stay if we came to Blackpool!!!
  • Because we don't accept stag parties
  • Because we don't accept hen parties
  • we need the money!!! I can't afford next years golf holiday just yet!!!
  • We got a large car park
  • We got a licensed bar and our bar prices are keen.
  • New carpets to ALL of the hotel
  • Ground floor completely redecorated
  • We're in good company - same block as the Imperial Hotel
  • 15 minute walk from the world famous Blackpool Tower
  • 20 minute tram ride from the world famous Pleasure Beach
  • 10 minute drive to Blackpool Zoo
  • 10 minute walk from the entertainment district
  • 30 minutes by tram to Fleetwood Freeport Shopping Outlet Mall
  • 10 minute walk to Mammas - our favourite restaurant - where we just negotiated a free glass of wine for you!!! (...not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion)
  • 6 minute walk from FUNNY GIRLS!!!!!!!!
  • I'm sure I already mentioned that we'd be really pleased if you chose us!!! (...but just in case you forgot)
  • With a website with this much attention to detail what's the hotel going to be like!!!!
  • ...more reasons coming soon...Coronation Street just started and Richard's about to visit Emily. I'm outta here!!!
  • ...that was a good episode...right where was I... oh yeah - we'd REALLY APPRECIATE it if you chose the Canasta
  • Blackpool has recently won a CLEAN BEACH AWARD!! - Long way to go yet before I'd swim in it but it's safe to go for a paddle nowadays.
  • Fancy a flutter? The much hyped Blackpool Casino is a good 5 years away yet but there are two excellent casinos in the resort already...and we're 10 minute walk from one of them
  • When was the last time you got some bracing sea air down your lungs? In days of old Blackpool's sea air had a reputation for clearing all sorts of ailments. I'd agree - since we moved to the sea front I've NEVER even had a cold!!!!
  • We just spent £11,000 upgrading improvements to our fire alarm system - so the place probably isn't going to go up in smoke while you're in bed!!
  • ...and of course our service!! We like to treat folk as we would like to be treated. We hope you'll find us pleasant and willing to cater for you.
Reasons why you SHOULD NOT choose the Canasta

    You must be crazy not to stay at the Canasta Hotel Blackpool
  • Because you're mobility disabled - sorry - we got loads of steps at front and inside the hotel. It wouldn't have been economical for us to incorporate handicapped facilities when we re-designed because of all the different levels.
  • Because we do not accept animals - sorry... but the carpet in our sunlounge and dining room cost us £50 per square yard
  • Because you don't like good service in clean comfortable surroundings.
  • Because we don't accept stag or hen parties.
  • Because you don't eat breakfasts - ours are enormous!!
  • Because you're not coming to Blackpool - this year you're going to Benidorm and found this page because you went to Google and searched for "Bored in Benidorm" - before you book think again - why be Bored in Benidorm when you can be Blissful in Blackpool

It was a great view and a relaxed atmosphere. The Canasta Hotel is the only place I stay when staying in Blackpool. [View more comments]

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