Once Upon a Time we used to get freebie tickets from places like the Winter Gardens in return for telling our guests about forthcoming shows and how wonderful they are and for displaying promotional material etc.

Now the Winter Gardens want £50 (plus VAT – so lets call that £60 a year) and in return they’ll give us tickets for the shows and a dispenser for their program of events

I find that a crazy business decision and when their rep visited me a few weeks ago I made my feelings known in no uncertain terms (and asked him to convey them back to their marketing department).  It was only two words so shouldn’t have been hard to forget.

I’ll continue to advertise the Winter Gardens as they do put on some marvellous shows in town and, no doubt, bring plenty of folk in to see them (some of them may even decide to stay with us once in a while) but it does irk me a bit and if you notice the Winter Gardens listings are appearing lower down in our forthcoming events pages – you’ll know why.

We prefer to scratch the backs of others who scratch ours … trying to survive in the tourist sector in Blackpool is hard enough without stupid ideas like this.

Now then….have you seen what Viva Blackpool are up to lately?  Its a great venue and some fantastic shows coming up this year