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Punk Rebellion
Each year gets bigger and better.  Superb event for the town – brilliant community.

Gotta say it’s fun to see them check in with their usual day look and transform ready for a day and night of gigging

Here’s one of our many guests staying with us for the Punk Rebellion


Blackpool Air Show

(Image: Katsuhiko TOKUNAGA/DACT, INC.)

Saturday, August 10

1.30pm – Typhoon

1.43pm – Muscle Pitts S2S Special

1.56pm – AeroSuperBatics WingWalkers

2.17pm – BBMF

2.38pm – RAF Chinook

2.55pm – Avro Anson

3.06pm – Bulldog

3.17pm – Calidus Autogyro

3.28pm – The Blades

3.40pm – Harvard

4pm – Extra & Yak 50

4.11pm – Breitling Jets


Sunday, August 11

1.30pm – Typhoon

1.43pm – AeroSuperBatics WingWalkers

2.02pm – BBMF

2.25pm – RAF Chinook

2.42pm – Avro Anson

2.53pm – Bulldog

3.04pm – Calidus Autogyro

3.15pm – The Blades

3.36pm – Harvard

3.47pm – Extra & Yak 50

3.58pm – Muscle Pitts S2S Special

4.11pm – Breitling Jets

Ever fancied taking the controls of a 737 and flying from Blackpool to Paris.  Now you can!

https://www.737pro.com/ for more info


Plans for the biggest single investment in Blackpool’s tourism industry for more than a century


Image from VisitBlackpool

Train operator Grand Central has confirmed it plans to run new services between Blackpool and London from spring 2020

More info here:- https://www.businesstraveller.com/business-travel/2019/06/25/grand-central-plans-new-blackpool-to-london-rail-services-from-spring-2020/

London to Blackpool direct train service

London to Blackpool direct train service

Another stonker of a sunset tonight with some lovely wispy clouds.  Looked like paint on Monet’s palette!

Blackpool Sunset

Cool blog for the magicians convention which visits us every February
In particular the trick at 5:21 is REALLY impressive!

Blackpool remains a top spot for Ballroom Dancing
Take a look at this fab clip from 1998

Can you spot the Canasta?