Frequently Asked Questions

What’s all this baloney about dolphins?

I tell our guests to keep their eyes peeled as we’ve had dolphins visit us for two years now.  I can see in their eyes some of them think I’m telling porkies.  But it’s true..and wonderful to see.   This video shows them quite a way offshore – but they do sometimes come very close to the wall – usually when the sea is calm.   

Do you provide towels?

Yes we do.  If you want them changing each day please leave them in the shower tray.  Or simply fold away if they are good for another day and you want to do your bit for the environment (and our huge laundry bills)

Do you have any rooms with baths?

No sorry, all our rooms have compact shower and toilets.

Its an old Victorian building and the layout is how we purchased it.

We need to maximise space so the toilets and shower rooms are compact but suitable for one person at a time.

central pier wheel

Will karaoke be on at the weekend?

Don’t know, sorry. It all depends on whether there are sufficient singers in or not. Follow us on Facebook and we’ll usually announce when the next karaoke weekend is.

Its usually on August, September and October Friday nights

Are you gay friendly?

Yes. The pink pound is VERY welcome at the Canasta. We have many regular guests who are gay.

Can you cater for someone with restricted mobility? 

Not really.  Sorry.  There are much better options in Blackpool than the Canasta for people who have mobility restrictions. 

There are 10 steps at the front of the hotel.   On busy weekends our car park will be full and access to the front steps will be difficult  (especially if a lot of 4×4’s arrive)

There is no room to wheel a wheelchair (for example) from the pavement to the front steps (20 yards).
A large person often has to turn sideways to get passed the 3 rows of cars

Blackpool was designed for the horse and cart…but nowadays everyone wants to park their car
which impacts the space we have available

Inside we have a lift that services one side of the hotel only (14 rooms).  Exiting the lift there are 4 steps to gain access to the bedroom level

We’re possibly the least restricted-mobility accessible hotel in Blackpool

We don’t like that accolade but we prefer folk knowing how it is.

It would be impractical and too costly to attempt to install things like ramps and ground floor rooms in what is essentially an old Victorian house.

The hotel was built 100+ years ago and didn’t have the new build guidelines and restrictions of today.

Having stated all that we will happily give any assistance we can – sometimes you may need to ask (if we are busy and havn’t noticed you need assistance)

Do you have any en-suite rooms?

Yes. All our 30 bedrooms have a compact en-suite shower and toilet. They also have tea/coffee maker and colour TV with Freeview

Can I have a Sea View Room?

Yes If you book early enough. Sea View rooms go fast!!!
A £25 deposit will secure any room for you.
Ah Go On …. Just Book It !!

Are you child friendly?

We are – we have a few of them ourselves.

We don’t like them running about though – they’ll usually trip up and hurt themselves.  Then the parents get shirty and blame us.

Do you accept stag/hen bookings?

No. Sorry – no we don’t. There are many hotels in Blackpool that do.

Ah…go on – we’re really well behaved

Ring me – we’ll need to discuss it: 01253 290501.  It would be doubtful but you may sway me.

Can I have a late key?

Yes, of course you can. All guests get their own room key and front door key which you keep with you for the duration of your stay.

Can you guarantee me a car parking spot?

Sorry – we don’t guarantee car parking. We have 19 spaces for vehicles on our own car park which are allocated on a first come first served basis and is usually enough as some of our guests arrive by train or coach etc.
If you arrive and there is a spot please take it. If we are “chock-a-block” we may have to direct you to an alternative spot nearby which will be at rear of the hotel and on well lit main road.

What time does your bar shut?

This all depends on demand. It’s not worth keeping the barman on late if there is only one or two guests that will be using the bar. Weekends usually to at least midnight though.
Midweek we usually close the bar at 11pm.

I can’t check in until 11pm!

No problem. If it was much later we can still make arrangements for you but its best to ring us – 01253 290501.

Do you do evening meals?

No, sorry. We find most of our guests prefer to dine out so we took the decision not to provide an evening meal. In fact we recently had this clause removed from our Alcohol Licence so there is no longer a legal requirement for us to provide this. We also provide menus for three local takeways (giving a choice of over 120 meals!!!). So….you want to order a take out – no probs we would ask you to consume this in the dining room – we’ll provide plates, cutlery and condiments.  We also ask that you order any food prior to 7:30pm – we dont want to be washing pots all night 🙂

Are pets allowed?

Sorry….no animals
Some of our other guests may be allergic to pet hairs.

Do you provide entertainment?

We do karaoke on busier Fridays and some Saturdays to midnight (Friday seems to be the more popular night) and on selected midweek nights to 11:30pm if there is sufficient demand from end of July to October.   There needs to be a few singers in for it to be on though – you never can tell how many want it on – we usually make a decision when people start asking for it

Do you allow smoking?

No. Following changes in the law on July 2007 we are now completely non smoking within all areas of the hotel. You can smoke on the veranda outside.

Do you allow vaping?

Yes we do..  In public areas we wouldn’t welcome cloud chasers…but you are welcome to vape in the sun lounge – please blow “smoke” upwards though

Anything else you want to know?